So after the record breaking  " Viral Beyond Recognition" there was finally a consensus for Asian people, that the color of the dress is "Broken white and gold" , not :  BLUE AND BLACK !!

Take a look at it carefully :

So this has been a talk in Buzzfeed, FB, and all started in Tumblr, Yup the magnitude of social media impact these days, And some people like this blog is conducting what its usually called news jacking, Which actually is high jacking whats becoming top news and top trending,But before hijacking we must consider the neutrality of the type of the news.

So . Do you agree now with "What Color is the Dress?"



If you watch the news and follow what's going on, the big players are competing fierce in their fields respectively.

Google dominated the search and their highest income comes from advertorial search such as Adwords. But its declining cause people are searching on facebook's news feed and video upload.

But there is still hope, I said still hope in You Tube search. Oya nowadays people use mobile apps to do things. OK they still have android, but people don't trust it much. Samsung's shipping their products with their own built OS.

They want to create ground breaking things in the Google X division but does it pay off ?
I don't think so. One example is Google Glass is total failure, It shows the lack of public relations strategy for such a huge company, somebody must get fired. And the battery life ? It's like a manufacturing company not even thinking of conducting feasibility study to see whether a product is feasible.

The automated driving car. It's cool but people will buy cars that can drive themselves from big car names such as Toyota or Honda, because if they made one, It must be proven , cause they understand TQM and so forth.
So whats the point in making such projects if they would not succeed? Simple environmental analysis of business and a developing a new business strategy is easy.Stop looking from a small glass and try to see the big picture.

In the cloud they are trying to compete with Microsoft that's has gone dumbfound when they didn't anticipate mobile. But biggest threat for Microsoft is are there any programmers still wanting to keep on making product in their ecosystem ? Dot Net versus PHP Java script , opensource. A cost effective approach on development. Thank god people still trust MS Office to get their work done.

Ok that's it for my analysis right now.We'll touch other companies later. It's not that I don't blog anymore, but that's another long story.

Happy New Year 2015

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