Why Having a New Year Resolution is Important

As we all know it, 2013 has just arrived, the Armageddon was postponed (l.o.l) and you hear some people asking about your 2013 resolution. And you say to say to yourself what's the big deal?

Do you know that little piece of mindset of yours can be very responsible of your achieving of goals or your successful life at whole? And in the opposite be also responsible of your failures and your 'not so progressing' current conditions.

Experts in psychology says that your talks and your visible attitudes and actions are showing only 20% of you,that inner you. But it represents the 80% of you which is what you always think in your mind. That voice that speaks to you when you wake up in the morning.'Should I do something important today?' Then your other inner voice says 'Naaa... I'd rather go back to sleep'.

This 80% part is a very important. Some call it mindset, Others call it 'what's always in my head' or 'how I think' or 'motivational attitude' . You can have a description of what's going on in the 'inner part ' by talking to someone.

What you should do to it is make it always positive, and make it think as a winner. What people say you have to have a 'positive mental attitude towards life'. In short, remove the negatives of it, the voice that keeps on saying 'You can't do it bro, your a born loser'. In 'Thinking Big' book, the best thing you. could do is fire Mr Negative. Just listen to 'Mr Triump'.

So now, what's the relationship with the resolution?. A resolution is a target. Why do we have to have targets? It's a mark of your achievements. It's the 'high jump' bar that you've set to achieve. Athletes have them but what should stop you of having them?

You know that a friend of yours already 'made it' as they say. And you see your other friend that is what you call relatively left behind. Can you possibly think why this could happen.

It's the targeting and setting the goals. A person who knows his destiny first will achieve it first. It's like you wanna go from Atlanta to New York, take a straight flight then going to other cities first then go to New York. Your college already knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur since college, no wonder he is now enjoying his revenue from his start up company.

Life is a race, If you don't even know where you want to be, than don't complain if your left by the 'train of life'.

I'm unemployed and left behind, what should I do? First fix your inner motivation (that 80%), many people accelerated and achieved the pace. There are plenty of opportunities. And you have hidden talents you've never explored yet.

So make that resolution, it doesn't have to be a very high one. Measure yourself. But if you have achieved it, rise the bar.And don't get satisfied easily, Some people are satisfied with good, but. there ia actually great or excellence.

Great Year of 2013!


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Master of Puppets in Braga Street

As we know it, Indonesia is getting more unique each day.

And if your talking about Bandung, it's one of the coolest places you can be. You gotta checkout Braga Street. It use to be a place where the Dutch colonials use to hang out, wine and dine and all those other fancy activities that the upper socialite do.

Nowadays other than becoming a Mall it also is a place to get wonderful paintings. And there are also souvenir shops.

And you can get puppets, these puppets are well carved and there ate also urban legend about them. Some folks say, at night they wake up and become 'talkative'. And the puppet master has a story of his own. To become a puppet master, there's this ritual that he must proceed.

This process is to get the spiritual energy required to be that puppet master. Like in the movies.

So it's a precious thing if you can take home one of them. You can tell your guest at home in Europe or other countries the 'spooky' story about them. Just like did you know that there is an actual Island of Borneo, where in the yesteryears there are really the village of Kong, King Kong.

So you must start that study of Indonesia, and come here to understand the stories that come around.


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