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What Happens If you want Free Tickets to the Zoo

A very sad story of a zoo visitor. As he went to the zoo, he realized that quieing for a ticket and paying for it was not challenging for him.

So he thought of something else. Lets see whether there is a free way to enjoy the zoo tour. "Probably if I can go around the zoo and find some place to climb the fence. I can be in there and save my ticket money to buy something else like souvenir or snacks" was what the poor man might thought.

Bad luck couldn't strike at a better time for him. Actually he encountered a special fence after the initial breakthrough and a sign of the forbidden area of wild animals.But he decided to go through cause he just wants to complete the journey.

And as he looked around after jumping in. O my God, its a tiger's den, and there are the family members.

A zoo typically has limited food supply meaning that the animals are fed only according to a schedule for their meal. For lions and tigers usually its a goat or animals with lots of meat.

So when they saw the poor man who was at the wrong place at the wrong time, they smelled lunch and because of his moves they went to attack mode.Victims of lions usually are attacked in the neck.  The poor guy probably panicked and couldn't think much. A chance of surviving in place where there are wild animals is climbing the highest branch of a tree and wait for help.But some cats like cheetahs are expert in climbing and we can only say our last prayers or texting to love ones usually 'Love You' or some sort.

As he was slowly attacked and mauled at the same time visitors at the scene were screaming and thought it was a zoo employee locked inside or some kind of a show. And with the age of instant selfies and hi resolution 16 Megapixel UHD (ultra high definition) 1080 cameras in current smartphones with many varieties from Iphone, Xiaomi to Samsung, they wasted no time recording the event while desperately calling for help.

Bizare story in Indonesia (Aceh)
Believe it or not I heard a story from a survivor in Aceh when he met a leopard in a jungle near a developing plantation, he actually talked his way out of  an attack. And he followed people saying not to turn back because the leopord will look at your neck and chase you. Belive it or not he asked protection from the One that all mortals and living things are afraid of, and the living beings will be afraid of you. He asked God's protection.

The incident or I should say it poor tragedy happened at China's Zhejiang province. He was still alive but badly wounded when the police arrive but passed away on the way to the hospital.

 The video below is very graphic in nature.

So next time consider to buy a ticket if it is zoo your entering.

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