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The Four Bizarre Things Why Indonesians Follow the US Election

Its fun. Its hilarious. As a country with more than 250 million in population, watching the US Election is such an experience, especially for us following the American culture. As myself where I was in the states when I was a kid in the Eighties (in Gainesville Florida attended Williams Elementary School shopping in OaksMall), it’s just entertaining.

 The results of this upcoming election will be very important and the citizens of the US will cast their votes for the best choice to be the commander in chief, the leader of the free world with high expectations that the new leader will lead America to become greater economically, good in foreign relations, benefit other countries such as Indonesia, solve world crises and can lead the world to become more peaceful.

 However, as I followed the process from the primaries, initial Super Tuesday until now to the upcoming national conventions, there are plenty of surprises when watching the news on CNN and other media which I presume are equivalent to watching the circus come to town.Unusual things happen such as mocking using bad words to discredit other candidates are common thing and surprisingly actually winning and beating opponents by destroying them with bad words.

 And more interestingly is that the candidates or a candidate seems to show behaviors and values that we as the international observers like me think and assume as the values of the USA. For Example the values of a certain political party that owns the definition what conservatism is.We learn about the GOP from a candidate and we learn that oh...that is conservatism. For many of us not knowing the basics about US Politics, Democrats and Republicans, we get to learn what they are and these politicians taught us. So, why it is so spectacular and Indonesians or I think Asians like to follow are these :

 1. Going after Reporters or Minority Groups is part of the game 

Reporters are hardworking people that made a candidates big by free publicity which lowers cost of the campaign. And a profession so respected upon was called a sleaze. The shallow knowledge of my English made look up the synonyms of sleaze as : corruption, dishonesty,malpractice,scandal. Oh it turns out to be a bad thing. Also going for Hispanics group, a group that are so well respected because of their contributions in many sectors like showbiz, law enforcement, sports, defense. And other minorities, forgetting the fabrics that made the US which are immigrants from a movie I saw about how New York was built, Gangs of New York if I'm not mistaken, and guy got an Oscar.

 2. Disgusting Became a Favorite Word


 Being mocked by comedians is a showing that in a democracy things can get demo-crazy but its OK and not getting too offended by them. And other countries that are not so democratized can learn a lot too while entertained. 

 3. Leaving a party because of a candidate has become a trend


There’s a say, if you don’t like your job, go out of it as if you’re going out of a burning house. The same probably goes to with your party. Because if a candidate becomes the presumptive presidential candidate, it will be bound to the party like for a couple of years ahead. So the candidate is essentially the representative or the human form of that party. No wonder some top people of the party refuse to endorse or support if a candidate considering it will have a long term impact on tarnishing the image of party. Like that old Bon Jovi song : You Give Love, A Bad Name.

4. And The Tweet Wars are hilarious 

The tweets are so hilarious that we can laugh alone reading them. And like Obama said, everybody can tweet but leading a country is a very different field. And the tweet wars are so funny that we would laugh like watching a sitcom on TV. Like this dude when taking on a candidate.

Tweet wars are a common thing too in Indonesia, but I don’t know following the tweets of US Presidential Candidates against people that are going after them are a laughable thing to do.Lots of Laughs (LOL). The conversations also shrinks international issues that are important as if they are simple things where you can spit out solutions by what ever comes out of your head.

So thats the 101 of American Politics trying to be balanced and not supporting for a party or a candidate from an ordinary, foreign, unknown, penniless blogger’s point of view. Still staying humble and still trying to understand things, writing for the sake of practicing how to write and expressing personal opinions analytically.


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