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Stop Thinking and Start Iterating and Leave that big company

From the title, you will probably think this is one of my motivation articles and you got it. Yup, just like the one I told about entrepreneurship that they don't teach at business schools.   And this is the problem these days that to many people are just thinking too much with very little action.

"Thinking sometimes prevent us from executing ", This Jason something I forgot his name, founder of Docstoc once said. I can't agree more. In years seeing entrepreneurs or wanna be entrepreneur in my city called Bandung, I keep seeing too much of them just making plans, making business projections and marketing plans and have LITTLE EFFORT on doing the important things first, such as get the site up and running first.

Probably because of the nature of wanting to become the 'stealth start up' no one must know first before launching. Learning form founders of Instagram, these two guys, damn I forgot their name too cause it ain't important cause what they said is more important. They said that if you have some kind of start up site, it is better to publish it quickly because then you can get feedback to see whether it is good enough for you to go. And by executing is where your learning starts.

Because building a strat up is not about idealism of making that great product to change the world but it is what Zuckerberg said create things that give solutions to people problems. Facebook : site where people put their own identity, Instagram about filtering pic to make it look good but simultaneously share it fast within networks.

Bad News for Googlers and Others working in big companies

And for you guys , developers still living your life in top companies like Google ,Yahoo , Microsoft or others, where one of your job is to make an innovative products. You can be the most regrettable person when you retire and get old. Why because your great idea won't mean much in a bunch of people that are doing the same.You have to go to at least 5 program managers to get your idea to the top.

And you know what an idea is one of the the highest and most valuable thing a person can have. And if you your idea gets devalued or under valued, it means you too. The logic is simple your idea is worth let say optimistic thinking : 1 out of 10 great ideas. That is only 10%. Can you imagine that your idea is worth just that. And the top 2 will get resources, and the others are ditched. Yup, thrown away in a trash bin.

 But if you go alone and execute it (make your own start up), the playing field is different. You can change the world and you will be known as founder or a co-founder of a start up.Your idea will be worth a lot when you see those traffic coming in your web application site. You can either bootstrap is using your own money. Or go to venture capitals to get financing. There are too many bad ideas these venture capitals are funding that one good idea like yours would surely get funded. Thing can be very cool from here because you are doing something that you are really passionate about. You and your co-founder will be f...'in conducting the business deal not some other guy from a division called business development doing it and your just stuck with codes and debugging them.

In large companies what you become is are 'costs', 'overheads', When the company decides to make a head cut, and lay offs, you are not that new employee that your boss praises, but you are just a 'resource' that needs to be deleted. Can you imagine that, let alone your great ideas, even you aren't valued as a human being. So this blog post can be your turning point to making that change.

So as an advocate of entrepreneurship, I wish you good luck in your journey and your decision to get out of that big company.


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