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Why Drones are becoming the new Enemy of the State (Of the Animal Kingdom)

You can use your drone for cool stuffs like taking a good areal footage of your house, a traffic jam for reporting news.

We're not talking about the US Military drone that are used for battle but commercial drones that are uses by individuals.

Like this one .
Source :

And the outcome is cool. Because we don't have to rent choppers anymore which are very expensive.

"A typical 4-seat helicopter such as the popular Robinson R44 typically rents for somewhere around $350 - $500 per hour. "
          Source : How-much-does-it-cost-to-rent-a-helicopter-for-aerial-photography

And it has become a new line of business for professional drone operators.

But when its dealing with wild life. You better careful because it can cost you. your drone. These are things not to do with your drone.


Here is what happens if you do.

Because they will wreck your drone but you get plenty of evidence of the perpetrators :-)


Drones aren't meant for dogfight. And never challange an eagle like the following video. Although its a cool video the aftermath isn't :-)

Because it will treat it as 'supper' or its 'prey' and attack it at will.

At the end you will have difficulty finding the wreckage although you have proof of the surrounding.


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