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Unbelievable Sinkhole Footage of People getting Sucked In While waiting for the bus

Sinkholes have been a phenomenon that scientist are monitoring.Unfortunately like a tectonic quake it can happen anywhere.

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According to wikipedia a sinkhole is a depression or hole in the ground caused by some form of collapse of the surface layer. Some are caused by karst processes—for example, the chemical dissolution of carbonate rock or suffosion processes.

Yes what ever that means I don't understand it as much as you do. If it is for your academic paper search go search for the right reference.

In my terms, there something going on under the ground that we don't now that keeps on happening for example a hidden river scrapes the ceiling part and then the layer to the ground surface gets thinner and thinner. Then kaboom it collapses !

Its no news that sinkholes happen. Recent sinkholes happens around the world like mentioned in this BBC article . According to that article the deepest is China's Xiaozhai Tienkeng at 2172ft (662m). The Qattara Depression in Egypt is roughly 50 miles (80km) by 75 miles (121km) in surface size.

But just couple of days ago. A bizarre recorded sinkhole happened and the amazing part was that there were people sucked in while doing a presumably simple thing like waiting for the bus.

Yup, the thing you would expect when a waiting for a bus in a bus stop is for your bus, not so full of people,  to arrive. You would be eating your vanilla ice cream in the nice hot weather, or texting to your friends or people at home informing that half an hour you would be at home. If you were with your friend say going to see a movie, you would be anxiously talking about that cool movie you are going to watch.

But waiting for the bus can be a boring and daunting activity and can be a big deal for some that this guy even blogged about how to make waiting for the bus feel much, much shorter.

But for these unlucky group of citizens in China, as they patiently waited for the bus and doing their usual activity, out of nowhere a sinkhole came before their bus did. You can imagine how shocked they were.

Here is the video. This can be graphical.

It happen very quick in a speed of light.Three of them where swallowed almost immediately, 1 woman cling to what she can cling on.She redefined the term "life needs something to cling on"

Hole sucking ground reminds me of a Star Wars episode where there is this live hole in the dessert were Jabba the Hutt was involved. After I looked it up it was the Great Pit of Carkoon scene on Tatooine, with Luke about to be thrown in it.

But that wasn't a sinkhole. It was a creature inside a sinkhole in the desert.

Back to the recent sinkhole incident in China, Did they survive ?

According to Heilongjiang Network Broadcasting Television, four received minor injuries to their feet, legs, arms and shoulders. Thank goodness.

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