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We hear a lot these days that to become successful in something, you must master the things that you are doing, whatever chosen field you are pursuing. But for some people, they probably encountered many problems such as not accomplishing things yet. Here in VisitBandung Blog, I will share some secrets how successful people do things. I’m sorry that some words are in CAPITAL. It is just a way for me to convey the message clearly.

As they say, successful people conduct things that unsuccessful people do not. I say do not, like to do. So what are the things that successful people do not like to do? They are the same things that unsuccessful people DO NOT LIKE TO DO EITHER, BUT DO THEM ANYWAYS, because they (successful people) know that THAT IS WHAT IT TAKES TO BE SUCCESSFUL.

For example: after a days a work, they do not just take a rest but THEY LEARN AND KEEP ON LEARNING or in cool terms: UPGRADING THEMSELVES to increase their knowledge. You can imagine in the competitive world of the US in the 1980s a motivator conveyed that IF YOU WORK 8 HOURS A DAY, it is ONLY FOR SURVIVAL. Great people work more hours, TO GET AN EDGE ON THINGS or STAY AHEAD.

Plenty of people have probably heard of the late STEVE JOBS campus speech which has a lot of meaning not just to Apple employees. It is very shameful if an Apple employees did not get it. The MOST IMPORTANT, I (Tresna) think that Steve Jobs had conveyed was :

"Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do." – Steve Jobs

TO REACH SPECIFIC HEIGHTS ON WHAT YOU DO, YOU MUST LOVE WHAT YOU DO. I will discuss that this HAS DEEP MEANINGS. Imagine that this has become a secret thing for HR PEOPLE to get the right people, and for other individuals like you and me to develop ourselves.

Loving what you do here means that you have to have PASSION in what you do. This passion will energize you to be SELF MOTIVATED in what you do. Imagine a young programmer that loves to play games will empower him to become a good programmer or become the BEST. Many great people come out with an idea drove by their creativity and knowledge, but what boosted Sergey and Larry to come out with their Google PageRank Algorithm, using legos to build their server (now in the Smithsonian) while they were pursuing their PhD, was no short of PASSION. Then the story of Mark Zuckerberg, it was his PASSION that he left out his twin client to pursue his own idea of SOCIAL MEDIA. It wasn’t clear how much the twin client sparked the idea as portrayed in the movie. But the truth on how Facebook got where it is now is powered by passion of Zuckerberg and how he selected a passionate team.

These people did not think of monetization first, but they thought of MAKING A COOL INVENTION THAT IS USEFUL FOR PEOPLE. This is what differentiates a true digital entrepreneur. I recently listened to this discussion in Stanford on Start Ups. The cool thing was that start ups REALLY DID NOT THINK OF MONEY when they started their Minimum Viable Product, their website that was actually a web program. Very ugly design (you should see when Twitter’s page when initially came out). They only think what solutions can I give to people that people really need and become useful to solve their problems. This gave me and others a paradigm change. How ever sophisticated you think you can make things because of your genius ideas. If people don't find it useful, it will just become junk.

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