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My Favorite Crop Circles

We don't know whether crop circles are made by humans in the ground or by laser technology from above.

Some say it is craftsmanship from an Extraterrestrial (E.T.) in other term as intelligent beings (aliens) from from outer space. The UFO believers say that UFOs do exist and is not a debate anymore because acknowledged openly by high ranking government officials. 

Bizzare Claim

There's also a believe that aliens are actually jinnies (jin) , ya 'jinnie in the bottle'. Where there technology is far more advance than ours. There is this dude (local news) who claims to have communicated with a jin said that their civilization are centuries ahead of us humans in technology and went through 2 nuclear wars and has medical science way more advance. Way above our current technology.

That explains the why their space craft looks so advanced and can move beyond regular rocket technology. Moving and disappear in seconds. The connecting zone from the two worlds are in the Bermuda Triangle.Actual Men In Black governs this.

Wuallahualam (Only God knows)

Like I said this is a bizarre article. Its just for making people fascinated by the still need to be proven theory. 

But anyways here are my favorite crop circles. Which is yours ?

The geometric shapes and precision is difficult to build in the ground.There must be some sort of laser or pass by from alien space ship.

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