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What those Affiliate Marketers Not Telling about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing as it sounds is not a strange thing for you already know or involved in internet marketing.Its kinda like selling something through your site/blog.

What is Affiliate Marketing in simple terms?

1. There is a merchant (the affiliate program owner) and you (the potential affiliate / partner)
2. You have a site / a blog (Read : How to start a totally free Income Generating Blog article )
3. You sign up for the program and become an affiliate member on the merchant site and they give you codes for links and banner that you can choose.
4. You put that special unique affiliate link to your site that if clicked will drive the visitor to the merchant site and the merchant site will know that it is from your site.
5. You do your thing in your site and drive people (visitors) in to your site
6. The visitors come an does an action that the merchant wants them to do which could be : just go to their site, go to their site and sign up, go to their site an buy their products.
7. You get your fair share of that transaction called ‘commission’

The known benefits of Affiliate Marketing :

1. Even if you are asleep your site is working and giving commissions to you
2. You have passive income or you’ve successfully added an income stream which you need for your retirement years or to prepare if you get fired from work.
3. You have extra income even though you are still at work.
4. You only become the marketer you don’t have to think about shipping, after sales, and other back office activities.And thinking as a marketer for your web strategy is a good thing like mentioned in this article

But the fact is that it is not that simple. Like I said a couple of times that making money in the Internet requires hard work just like any other job in the real life. You must work hard to make your content good and get lots of visitors.

So here are the ultimate points that those affiliate marketers not telling you :

1. For the merchants it is enlarging their exposure of their website in a cheap way or cheap advertising for them unless you site has a large audience.
2. You must bust your b*** first to make a good website that attracts people and say 5000 visitors per day if you want good income at least what you are receiving from work.
3. There are some affiliate programs that offer a hype of making great amount money in a short time ( a get rich quick scheme) but the fact is that it is not a simple deal cause you must have a very good site in terms of search engine rank, visibility, accountability, and quality of content.
4. Many affiliate marketers turn to other programs like Paid Per Click (PPC) and Paid Per Lead (PPL) and Paid to Review programs. This statement is the statement that they won’t want you to know. Why because PPC programs are instant income and requires people only to click without any other obligations and you get some cents to substantial amount of dollars for each genuine click.

But at the end it is up to you to choose your way to earn income on the net or off the net..Here are some ideas to start your home internet business.

Have a nice and productive day !

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