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Strategies to Increase your Pay Per Click Income

Choosing Pay Per Click as a source of making money online is a chosen way that many people in the internet use. The renown one is Google Adsense. There are strategies that can make you succeed in this type of online money making activity.

The thing is that the expected action for visitors to do as soon as they land to your site is to click on your ads then you’ll get the cents or dollars according to the value of your site.This is the ROI you are expecting as an investor.

Here are the Strategies you can use to increase the probability of the clicks :

Find a profitable topic and create a 5-10 page website.

Make sure your Adsense ads are inherent in your content and the link Ads are also placed firmly along your content as if it is a part of it. The next thing is make a small couple of pages report or ebook about a simple topic. You’ll create links to your products or your affiliates that matches your or have a relevancy with your content. You must also insert anchor links for certain keywords to articles in your webpage or blog which contains the adsense links. For example you write how to start liking to write.

This mini ebook, report or whatever you call it will spread if it is found to be usefull for the reader. This is what we call this viral marketing. You can submit your ebook to ezine sites or ebook directories to give you some exposure.

Create Good Quality Cornerstone Content

Create a site that is related to your market that has nothing on it but good quality content about a popular topic in your market. Make sure that you place Google Adsense ads on the site also. You then offer this article to ezine publishers or bloggers for them to anchor or copy your content with giving you a link in their site.
To chose a a title read this article

Create a mini ecourse on a topic that you’re expert in.

Or do research on a popular topic and create a mini course for it. Take each day of your course and place it on its own website. Day one will have its own page. Day two will have its own page, and so on. Each page must contain an Adsense Ad that is ‘naturally enhanced’.
The course must be easy to understand and fun to read.

This is a work smarter not harder technique and you will see the clinging sounds of money coming in to your pocket. At the end content marketing is a more sustainable way to sustain or increase your page rank in your niche.


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kalau pintar bahasa inggris ya enak, bisa adsense kalau gak ppc lokal habis sama jualan mimpi aja

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