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SEO : Knowing the Factors for Ranking High in Search Engines.

First of all why should you go through a tough process, banging yourself in learning about SEO when you have a site and you’re selling on the internet.

As I mentioned earlier keywords play a significant role in SEO efforts. If you have done your keyword research before setting up a site or choosing a name for your blog , you won’t have much effort in optimizing your site.

There are High Impact factors boost to your Site Ranking in the SEO point of view :

Keyword /s in URL

URLs are very important aspect of your site, you must maintain it an link to good sites. If you are caught link farming or linking to a site that is link farming you will be banned.

Keyword in Domain name

But domains containing high ranking keywords are very difficult to find and can be expensive.

Keywords – Header

Headers with keywords will obviously boost your ranking and will clearly be recognized. But do it in an elegant way.

Keywords in Metatag Keywords and Description

Metatags are a set of codes that you can set on the top of your homepage that describes the site and is like giving a facility for search engine robots to feel nice and familiar. It’s like having a translator at your front desk and he will guide the guest through your site.

Keywords in the Body Text

In the body text you must put your keywords in a natural manner and put the amount of keywords and make sure the amount of keywords you put not exceeding 6 to 20% of the total words in the text. Or else your will be rewarded as Blog Keyword stuffer of the Year. He..he.. that’s a joke.

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It is amazing how much differnce placing your keywords in all your meta tags,header and body help out. We recently went through our site and changed this and our traffic about doubled.

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