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SEO Basics : How to Get your Website Indexed by Google

To get indexed by Google is what every webmaster, or blogger wants. It will ease the sales of the product. What goes in people's mind when they try to google a product ? If you have optimized your site then it would probably be at first page for that keyword.But first of all the you must first get indexed.

So here's how to get your website indexed by Google :

1. Complete your website and make sure that your website is ready (i.e. no broken links, has enough unique contents, etc).

2. Keyword Optimize your web pages, here’s how to do it. But don’t over stuff them which indicate spamming keywords. Keyword density is important too and we must manage them as mentioned here.

3. Make your sitemap file for your website. Site map file is a formatted file with an XML extension. It contains the URLs for all of your pages in your website. You can use free online or offline tools available to generate your site map file.

4. Upload the site map file to your website root directory.

5. Go to Google Webmasters Tools and log in using your Google account. Create if you don't have one. It is totally free.

6. Type your website full URL in the "Add Site" field on the top of the Google Site map page and click OK.

7. Click the "Add Site map" link on the right of your website name.

8. Choose "General Web Site map " on the "Choose Type" option list. Check all the check boxes provided.

9. Type your full site map URL in the provided field and click "Add Web Site map" button.

10.Wait for about 2 or 3 days. Check Google by typing your website name in the search box with the word "site:" before the url. Example: site: . If it shows up in the result, it means that Google has indexed your website.

You can also checkout how creating backlinks can increase your SEO efforts too.

Partial Source : WikiHow

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5 Komentar untuk "SEO Basics : How to Get your Website Indexed by Google"

I think this post is brilliant. I completely agree with many of the points that has been raised in this article. My personal site is well indexed by Google, and I link to my other blogs from it (not as spam, I think it’s quite legitimate to link from a personal blog to blogs that I write). It’s not necessarily the most targeted traffic as subject matter is often different, but it’s still a link.


Thanks for your comments Charles,getting indexed by Google is the first thing before ranking in a particular niche. In the long run the search engine will eventually become your marketer.

Brilliant post. Agreed with both of you.

very nice post, KPO i agree with you .ya it not necessary.

Thanks for the tips. Will certainly try these out and see if it can really help me with my campaigns.

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