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How to start liking to Write and its Shocking benefits

Writing is something that not many like to do. There are many articles in the internet to give us hints or step by step process to become a writer and then escalate it in to becoming a good one.

The context of this article is to be a blog writer which does not have high requirements.
Why is the ability to write very important? For starters if we go to school and pursue college or a higher education, writing papers is a something that we must exercise and do.

When you become an expert in your field or become someone famous there are things that you must want to do as a form of self actualization (the highest motivation level in Maslow Hirarchy) which can be :
  1. > Giving speeches regarding your experience
  2. > Or lecturing your knowledge in front of university as an expert guest lecture.
  3. > Making a book about your expertise and experience

But to start liking to write is very hard thing to do for many. And continuous writing is even harder. But if you think positive of the many benefits you will get when liking to write, it will be easier for you to do it.

The major benefits of writing are such as:
  1. > No sweat for you when writing school papers, thesis or academic/Scientific papers.
  2. > It will enhance your business documents writing skills and will enhance your career. Business documents can be writing letters, quotations, purchase orders, contracts, business reports, etc.
  3. > It will make give you an idea to someday become a serious writer. You can start with making and selling your ebook then later find a publisher to make it a real book.

If you want to be a blogger, you must make writing a hobby of yours. But blog writing does not necessarily need to be as precise an academic paper, but mentioning your sources and writing in a good manner will differentiate you from other. And making genuine articles of your own (inspired by others /allowed) is a good habit rather than copy pasting other people’s article which does not sharpen your skills.

Blogging actually is writing things that you like when you are in the mood and when you aren’t. It is a commitment where your readers are your main concern. To become a professional blogger like other line of works needs learning and practicing.

After you have started liking to write articles then you can learn what kind of articles that invite readers.You must also know how to avoid half baked articles.

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