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The Five Sources of Inspirations for Writing

If you are already writing, liking it, or doing it not in a daily basis, you must have ideas for what to write and how will you convey it on the platform or media that you write with. If you want to start liking to write you can check out this article.

Usually inspirations come from several things and these are the 5 sources :

1. Reading Blogs.
Some say blogs give endless inspirations to write. What you do is you go from reading one blog to another which is called blogwalking. You’ll see the different styles of each individuals

2. Magazines,
Magazines are a good source for inspirations, magazines are written by professional journalist that know the rules in writing good articles and how to set a good layout that makes it the articles interesting to read . We can learn a lot from it.

3. Movies and Documentaries,
Movies give inspirations, usually drama genre . The strong characters and the whole plot of the movie will give an idea to write something interesting. Movies about writers and their struggle in writing is a good inspiration too.Documentary films will also give great inspirations, for example watching World War II Lost Films at the History Channel sure gave me inspirations of the real war in the Pasific, but I haven't the idea yet to make a blog about WWII.

4. Events
Events will give you a basic source of an event report and gives you the inspirations to write about it with your perspective and if it is major event you will be a part of people who are writing history.

5. People,
People, great people and even your friends will give you inspirations to write. We can write about their paths of success and interesting things such as how they were at the early stages of their career in their field and what different attitudes or traits they have to achieve their current success which the story will inspire and motivate your readers.

Actually there are other things that could inspire such as : traveling, hanging out, Art, religious things and others . It is up to us to take these as your inspirations to write.

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