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SEO: What does Optimizing and Keyword Density Actually do ?

Hi people this is another of my SEO articles that I want to share to you. SEO as you know is knowledge of getting your pages in top search engine pages (SERPs). And if you are already a player in this field you would probably know why we must set up the right keywords. Read here about how choosing the right keywords will increase Page Rank.

And to know which keywords people are really searching for, you must conduct a keyword research. Keyword research is finding the keyword that people are typing in search engines to find specific topics. Higher searched keywords would mean higher competition in that niche. To make your web or blog popular you must also think like a marketer.(Read : Why thinking as a marketer is good for your web)

What is optimizing and keyword density? For a some people this usually means stuffing your keywords to your articles in your website including :
  • Spreading the keywords through the articles
  • Put a link from your keyword in the article linked to your other articles
  • Putting keywords in capital words .
  • Putting it bold.
But expert bloggers think differently.And after you’ve 'stuffed' the keywords to your site , all of the sudden yourweb site ranks first page in google for that specific keyword. But after the visitors landed in your page, then what ?

There are some probability that a visitor might do :
  1. The site is not as expected as the keyword search and just leave the site.
  2. Bookmark the site, because it looks interesting and would probably return later.
  3. Make a transaction in the site which could be an opt in email registration.
  4. Make a transaction that results in income for the website owner (buy stuffs, click on the Google Adsense,etc). This is what you call a traffic conversion that reached its objective.
Should the first action being done by the visitor, this means that your keyword optimizing and making dense efforts is profound as only a trick which you have succeeded to do but you actually failed because the visitor realized that your site is far from what they are searching for. They would think that you’ve only succeeded stuffing your website with your keywords but lack of quality information.

So the point to all this is back to Danny Sullavan’s statement :“Unfortunately, too many assume that SEO means trying to trick search engines. It doesn’t. It simply means building a site that’s friendly to them.” (Source:

This means to get the heart and the mind of visitors is great content that brings natural links. Now to reach this point we must learn the skills of great copywriting.


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2 Komentar untuk "SEO: What does Optimizing and Keyword Density Actually do ?"

Indeed, we should get the heart and the mind of visitors.

I appreciate that you have shared this amazing SEO tips. Glad to have drop by reading this one.

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