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Getting Great Backlinks as an SEO Effort

As I talked earlier about getting good rank in the web, the theory behind it is the Google PageRank® system (What is Google PageRank system ? ) is how much links do we have in top ranking sites known as the PR. This will then increase our PR from 0 to 1 to 10.

Remember there are some prominent indicators our rank and traffic in the web. One is the Alexa rank system. The Alexa system measures the amount of traffic the lower your rank the better. The target is to get to the 1.000.000 level or below. This is not an easy task because you must attract a bunch of visitors to come constantly. There for you must have a specific theme for your site that people will easily remember.

You see on the side corner my pagerank has recently increased to 2, while I did not do much blogging lately cause of school and work (shown by my Alexa Rank getting low as 12000 from 4000 a couple months ago). It got high because the sites that has this site’s link ( ) got higher and I profited from this situation. This is why a link to 4 sites with PR7 for example is far better than a link to say 20 sites with PR 0 (zero).

Why would we go to this trouble of getting ranks for our web? If your objectives just for the pleasure of writing and sharing your experience its fine with me. But for me and some others in the field, Rank means monetizing or potential passive income. But to give you a hint, to get good decent income from your web you must at least have like 10 thousand visitors a day.

Can people really live by internet ? Blogging and stuffs, to give you an idea I you can watch this video of Darren Rowse, a professional blogger and owner of Problogger.Com (how I make money blogging) and you can see his video and it’s quite astonishing and you'll see that blogging is a serious thing. Thanks Darren.

Don’t get overwhelmed, it’s an achievable task. Many have reached it. I’m writing a thing that even my blog haven’t achieved yet. But writing it is a motivation for me and I am aiming for it too. To make things easy make it as a hobby.

So the tips for getting Google PageRank which contributes to your visibility on the Net.

  1. Get Backlinks, backlinks will overall increase your site in search engines. You can get them at article marketing, directory submission, and link exchange.

  2. Get a backlink from (PR7) a site that dedicates on How to do things in many fields. First register as usual, then put your link in your Identification field.

  3. Get a backlink from Blogger.Com (PR 9) this is Google blog platform. First register as usual, then put your link in your Identification field.

  4. Get a backlink from StatCounter.Com (PR 8) this is a website tracking tool. First register as usual, then put your link in your Identification field.

So there you have it you can start with those steps above or exchange links with top bloggers.

Have a nice and productive day.

It's not what you know, It's what you do.,Kevan Hall, Speed Lead

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hello Mr.Hikmat, thanks for your article it gave me a broader understanding about SEO,

allow me to share

I hope it will help us to easily submit site into lots of search engines.

windo - music industry community

Thanks Windo for the input. I am happy if you want to be a guest writer in my site.I'll publish it with your link.Topics anything about Bandung or SEO

Thanks for your useful tips!
I also recommand you to get a backlink from the article directory Squidoo PR8.

@Tresna I would really happy to be a guest writer :D, how can I do it?

thanks for the info, going to check it

blog walking nice info visit me

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