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How to Put a Shoutbox in your Blogspot

Putting a Shout box is a form of communication and could function as a guestbook in your site. Visitors can interact with each other and you can get feedback from the messages written.

To put a shout box in your blog you register to the site that provide the shout box, and then you get the script then you paste it in your blog as referred in this article about putting scripts in your blogger.
The basic steps are:
  1. Go to source site for example
  2. Register an account
  3. Get the code from the site
  4. Paste it in the HTML/Java Widget box in Blogger

First go to the site that provides the shoutbox. In this case we use and then proceed with registration. Input your ID, password and email as shown below.

Pic 1. Registering to the script provider

The next step is setting preferences for your shout box. This is important because you must set the width of your shoutbox and set it according to your sidebar width. The default value would do. After you set your preferences, copy it your clipboard or notepad.

Pic 2. Customizing your shoutbox and copying the script/code to your clipboard or notepad.

The next logical thing you will do is to paste it on your HTML/Java Widget in your blogger. The steps are Login blogger > Layout > Page Elemets > Add A Gadget > Add HTML/Java widget. Then paste that piece of code in the text section of the blog as shown below.

Pic 3. The Ultimate Execution of Pasting :-).

Then 'save settings' an see the results on the sidebar of your blog. You'll see your shoutmix tucked neat on your sidebar for friends or visitors to comment or ask questions to your blog.
It's a form of reciprocal communication with your customers.

“I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”, Albert Einstein

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Good tips. But I have used google comment box to avoid any other ads in my site^^. Keep it up.

Nice guide for the uninitiated. What are you trying to do, put SEOs out of business .
seo marketing

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