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How to put an Online Game to your Blog

Maybe you are bored of browsing and getting stuffed with information and information. There’s too much information out there I’m burned now let’s ease up a little and start playing online games.

Usually you will go to your favorite online game site. Your blog visitors will do the same. They’ll go to Yahoo Games or log in Facebook and start playing FarmVille.For hardcore game player they'll do more that that and go to multiplayer sites.

Actually you can set up a game to your blog, and paste the script on your blog just like any other script referred in my article about putting scripts in your blogspot. Since the game cover a large portion of your blog , we must refer to the section on putting scripts/codes in the article section.

The easy steps are :
  1. Go to the site :
  2. Choose the game you like from the varieties of game listed in the site
  3. Copy the script of your chosen game
  4. Paste it to the HTML/Java widget in your blogger or in the Article section of your blog.

First go to the site. The good thing is that you do not have to register to get the code.

Then Select the game your interested in pasting to your blog, then copy the code brother. :-)

After that go to your blogger dashboard and 'create a new post' as you usually do when starting your article. Give a title of the article which you will treat as an Online Game feature of your blog. Select the 'HTML' Tab . Then Paste the code that you've got to the article section.

After that publish the post as below. You can then enhance the link with a button at your side bar for easy navigating.


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2 Komentar untuk "How to put an Online Game to your Blog"

Thanks... I hope I can find more interesting game from your recommendation and enrich my blog^^

It is a nice to put a mini game in a blog, it will hold the readers on our blog. Great idea!

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