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An Easy way to make a Menu List in Blogger

One of the important aspects of a user when visiting a site is an ease of navigating the site. The more easy the navigation, the more the time for that visitor likely to stay and browse through that site or blog

With very little knowledge of HTML you can make yourselves a menu at the top area or the side bar area of your blog. The method refers to the article about putting scripts to your blogger site.
First of all this method refers to the putting scripts on your blogger article. You can read that article first.

Site Source for the script:

The steps are:
  1. Determine your menu list first such as Home, About Me, Our Products, and Privacy Policy. Then determine the links such as : as the ‘Home’ link, and so on.
  2. Go to the site and follow the steps on creating the menu list consist of : menu name, shown name and the hyperlink.
  3. After completing the list then go select your preferences. The menu type, colour and size settings and so on.
  4. Generate the code to paste to your HTML/Java widget in your blogger
  5. Your menu is ready

Let’s do the first and second step at the same time : First go to the site until you see as shown below.

Pic 1. Setting the menu items for your blog.

Then let’s choose our preference of menu type as provided below. You can choose the horizontal menu or the vertical, scroll down to see the varieties.

Pic 2. Varieties of menu types and preference

Then Generate the menu list script which will output in a form of code.There will be 2 sections, one is the CSS section one is the menu script itself as shown below.

Pic 3. Grab the code and prepare it for our blog

Then after that we get the code we go to blogger to paste is to our Blogger HTML Widget as referred in this article. But first we must edit our HTML template first so go th the layout tab > Edit HTML tab and find the code as highlited below. The purpose is to put the CSS part of our code above that.

Pic 4. the code we are looking for.

Pic 5. Then paste the CSS part above it

Then paste the other script on the HTML/Java widgetin the Layout>Page Element section of your blogger as shown below.

Pic 6. After pasting the code then see the results in your blog

After that you have completed and test your navigation and fix the menus with broken links, meaning links that link to an error page.

Happy blogging


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Good tips^^. I used to do a table by using HTML code myself.

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