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A Sausage House in Bandung

I haven’t much covered places of eating in Bandung, cause there’s too many of them. They say shop the FO's and enjoy the cuisines.I sometimes get confused where to start. But since I went here twice already, it tickles me to write about it in the culinary section.

Sorry for my shallow vocabulary of food items, since I’m not a chef. But I’ll try to explain some favorite Indonesian dishes too.

The concept is a place for your kids to play and eat sausages as much as you want it. That’s why they call it ‘Rumah Sosis – Sausage House’. Its located in Setiabudi 295 , Setiabudi is another center for factory outlets. It’ll get busy on holidays so I recommend you to go at around 9.30 in the morning. The sausages are really juicy, no preservatives and you can enjoy it while relaxing in a sundanese joglo architectural outdoor restaurant.

For your kids they have swimming pools, ATV (all terrain vehicle) track, pony back riding a large indoor bike arena with a playground facility complete with ball pool, slides and ladders. And a flying fox ride, the thing that you can ‘hang around’ to get excitement.

Video 1. Watch this kid fox flying in action

As an adult I was interested in the food. In their menu we ordered nasi timbel komplit, a bizarre food that the rice is covered with banana leaves, with fried village chicken (ayam kampong), tempe and tofu, and some vegetables to come with it, plus the sambal (hot mixed chilly).

The ox tail soup known as ‘sop buntut’ is a favorite among Indonesians. They also have it here. It combines oxtail with soup recopies’ that can fulfill your hunger for delicate soup cuisine. Indonesian dishes usually are made of coconut oil and ingredients such as lada hitam (black pepper), kunyit (turmeric), sereh (lemongrass), bawang merah (shallot), kayu manis (cinnamon), kemiri (candlenut), ketumbar (coriander).

While I go with the ultimate sausage menu called ‘special grilled sausage’. It’s a total sausage meal with one large sausage and 4 small ones. You can pick the sausage varieties from Chicken Chipolata, Beef Bockwurst, Mini Bockwurst, Beef Garlic, Cheesy Super, Mini Cheesy, Black Pepper, atau Big Bockwurst. The sausage is juicy and covered with seaweed and tastes really good.

It comes with fried potatoes, and served with small pinaples garnished with mayonnaise with raisins. You dip the sausage (in Indonesian dip is : ‘cocol’ the c read like in ‘chalk’ the o read ‘aw’ in awsome) in to the special tomato mixed chilly sauce.

We also ordered a teaser meal : the mozzarella cheese fritter. It’s a fried mozzarella (the cheese that’s usually in pizzas) covered with this wheat like covering, but taste good. You see the picture, maybe you know what it is.

And then the terrayaki chicken and rice. A Japanese menu that already become a regular dish in restaurants like these. The drinks were also in variety, we went for are bottled tea, freshly squeezed oranges, avogado juice.

When you go home don’t forget to bring home some freezed sausages home from the mini market there.

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