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Odd Green Design and Art Ceramics

When you visit Bandung you must be thinking of what sort of souvenier can I bring home. Why not get this design and art ceramics by OddGreen.

Odd Green was born 3 years ago as a small business that at their home by Isdihar (Odi) and his brother Hendralian(Lian) . It all started when Odi, a product design student of ITB, Faculty of Arts and Design, created ceramics for his final project.

Because it was his final project he must make sure that ceramics that he made was using a unique method that differs from the regular techniques.

He created many products of ceramics small and large with his own design and not following the mainstream ceramics design that other ceramic artist made or follow. Lian, Odi’s brother, working as an automobile salesman asked his brother to why not try to sell them.

So they started out by participating in exhibition from small to large ones. And they started to join organizations related to their business such as :
  • Dewan Kerajinan Nasional Jawa Barat (Dekranas)
  • ASEPHI(Asosiasi Eksportir dan Produsen Handicraft Indonesia) and become a member of the council
Some expo/exhibition that they have participated:
  • Kriya Bandung Expo, Manggala Siliwangi Bandung 2008
  • Bandung Kotaku Hijau, 2008
  • Pekan Produk Kreatif Indonesia at JCC Jakarta, June 2009
  • Pameran Koperasi Nasional at Samarinda,Juli 2009
  • JABAR Expo (West Java Expo) at Graha Manggala Siliwangi,Bandung, Juli 2009
  • Inacraft 2009, April 2009
For their latest exhibitions you can check out their site.

Ceramic Stone Ware for various items such as paintings in ceramic (plate and slab, vase, candle holder, mug, pencil place, wind chime, tea set, necklace, bracelet, key holder, hp accessories, bros , pin, etc

You can contact them here.
Odd Green Art and Design Ceramics

Pemukiman Sarimas Jl. Sarimas IV No. 47 Arcamanik- Bandung
Owner : Ishidar (Odi)
Tlp. 022 7203268 atau 0812 232 6347
Email : atau
Website :

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