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The Lost Paradise

The Lost Paradise Kawah Putih . Some people call it the Lost Paradise. Why is it called that ? Here’s the story.

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It was first discovered by a Dutch named Dr Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn in 1837. It’s located in Gunung Patuha. Those days nobody dared to hang around this mountain because it was renowned for its spookiness and a place where tribes do their mystical rituals until it was discovered.

When first discovered by the Dutch, it was a very beautiful site to visit. The white sands surroundings and blue to green water. It is preserved until now.

Before it was opened for public by the Forestry Department of West Java, this place was a sulfur factory own by the colonial Dutch named Zwavel Otgining Kawah Putih and then owned by the Japanese when they conquered Indonesia. The factory was then named Kawah Putih Kenzanka Yokoya Ciwedey by the Japanese.

After opened for public, this mountain volcano is a place where many local and foreign tourists come and gather. Because of the uniqueness this place is called the lost paradise. Because the site is so exotic, many newly weds took their pre wedding photographs here.
For a forty-five kilometers drive from Bandung, this place is a fresh experience.

When you get to the entrance, you will travel a 5 km trip which is a fresh forest with eucalyptus surrounding it. The air here is clean and fresh to breathe on. For Europeans or Japanese where they have winter season, here feels like the spring season.

When traveling to Kawah Putih you will see many strawberry fields when you get to the Ciwedey Area. These fields are also a recreation place for visitors.

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2 Komentar untuk "The Lost Paradise"

Keren nich pemandangannya, ada info untuk transportasi dan akomodasi ke sana tidak ?
Blognya sudah terpasang di

Kl Transport sewaRp 300rib/hr standardnya, kl akomodasi google aja 'hotel di ciwedey'.

Ada fasilitas outbound jg di entrance,pmandangannya eye healing, Pulangnya bs petik strawberry.

Thanks linknya ya Mas.Smoga RuangHatiBerbagi sukses terus.

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