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How to Start an Income Generating Blog using a totally Free Blog Service

Can your really generate income with a totally free blog ? The answer is yes. But pro bloggers use paid hosting services, that is a good thing too. 

So the major questions when you start a blog or wannabe bloggers say are such as:
  • Should I use a free blog service or should I use a paid hosting service?
  • Should I buy a domain for it?
  • Is it true that a totally free blog or set of free blogs can bring you income?
These questions went to my mind when I started my blogging . But I’ll make a great deal for you, I will give you a shortcut where you do not have to go where I went and should you choose an option to host your service you do it right.

I intended to make my blog as an experiment of my writing skills. I thought writing skills, especially good writing skills will someday get me somewhere. Especially if English is not your native language, it is very easy to spot 'shitty English'. And that is one of the risk I took.Believe it or not this VisitBandung Blog was originally in a paid hosting service , an hosting service which I thought could withstand the bandwidth of increasing traffic. But I was wrong. At a certain point my site viewers experience “Sorry bandwidth Overlimit”. This is another way of saying “Upgrade your service with us please !”.Anyways it was my fault too which did not want to upgrade to more professional bandwidth.

So the thing is that when you plan to host, don’t just get a hosting service, but prepare for the future, invest in a well known hosting service. A good service with reliable service has its cost. The interesting fact is that a free blogging service has a quite enough large bandwidth to handle an increasing traffic.

Of course there are benefits of a hosting service, but do you really need them? Nowadays tweaking your blog to look like professional site is an option for many and there are a lot of tutorial on how to do it.

So the third question can a totally free blog service generate income? Yes, and this is proven by me and by others in the Internet. The fact is that there are many top ranking sites that are using free blogging service. To see Indonesian top bloggers for example you can check at Blog Indonesia Matters. This blog is basically saying, Indonesia's blogspere is something that really matters nowadays.

So How do we Start an Income Generating Blog with totally free Blog service ? Here are the steps :
  • Determine a niche topic. We have discussed about choosing the right keyword,etc
  • Make your blog with a free blog service. There are plenty of them. I recommend Blogger, because you are allowed to monetize it. 
  • Consistently blog in a scheduled way, let say : 2 articles per week for 3 months. No, don’t think of monetizing it yet. Good writers recommend that to write good you have to do a lot of practice. And blogging is a good habit.
  • Do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) , submit to directories, exchange links with other blogs/sites and other SEO activities.Writing articles to E-zines (e-magazines) are another good way to increase traffic.
  • Put widgets to measure your page rank and traffic increase. 
  • When you reach a certain traffic rate, then you can apply to monetize your blog. Or start getting money out it. You can apply PPC (Paid Per Click) services (Google Adsense is an Example). Don’t think you’ll get your dollars overnight. It’s the same as other jobs, there is plenty of craftsmanship involved.
  • If English is your native language and at least go got the grammars correct, your blog will be approved by Adsense. But if it is in your native language you must work harder or you can apply for local PPC.  
  • Start tweaking and adjusting your blog to look neat and professional. Never be satisfied with the current design and alway conduct continuous improvements.
  • And most important, make your site/blog easy to navigate. Like your own home: How do we make people feel at home and not want to leave early. Technically you can check the ‘pages/visit’ and ‘visit time’ at your Google Analytics page.
So happy blogging. Hope your efforts succeed.


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