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How to setup Comments below Posts and Monitor them

Sometimes when you visit a blog you see it very interesting and you get involved emotionally. And your next action is that you really want to comment that blog.

When you are use to blogwalking ( a term used for visiting peoples blog) you see a good blog and as a token of appreciation you comment that blog. The owner of that blog, should he be new blogger, would be a very happy person because of that was the first comment for his blog.

As an equal opportunity blogger, when I see these new or ‘comment missing’ blogs, I put my comments in. Making people happy is a good deed (pahala) you know, same as giving them a smile. What I'm most fond of is that top ranking bloggers (having PR 1-10 sites) still humble enough to comment in other low visited blogs. I totally salute this attitude.

My tips in commenting blogs are :
  • giving a short comment is Ok but, don't let them get the idea that you are just link dropping.
  • find the 'meat' - a terminology used by a guru of mine - in that post, and comment accordingly to your knowledge about it. If you want drop a link put a link of your article(not just your site address) that is relevant to the discussion.
  • They say at least follow 5 'do follow' blogs, actively comment them for SEO reasons.Do follow blogs are blogs that when you comment them you get a backlink from it. Backlinks are links from other sites that increases your authority and pagerank.
The How to Blogger Tip

Anyways lets go to the tip.Did you know that Blogger has default setting for comments that is just a link to a comment page. Different from Wordpress or Multiply, which in default has a comment form below its post as shown below. Phsicologically if you are given an ease to comment it would be like something that is offered to you in an easy served way.

Pic 1. A wordpress blog with a standard comment form below posts

But we can change that. The things that we are going to do here :
  • Set the settings to put a comment form below posts
  • Put a 'Recent Comments' widget in your blog's side bar.

First login to your blogger dashboard and go to the 'settings' tab. Pick 'anyone' for the 'who can coment setting'. Then for the 'comment form placement' select 'embeded below post'. That's the thing.

Pic 2. Comments setting in blogger

Then save these settings untill you have successfully saved it.
Then you see in your blog that when you opened an article you see the comment form below each posts.

The next thing is to put up a recent comment widget. Login blogger, go to the dashboard and click the layout tab. At the side bar section click 'Add Gadget' link.

Pic 3. Layout section of blogger

Then a form like this will come out. Its an Add Gadget form. Go to the 'search for gadgets' and type 'recent comments'

Pic 4. The Add Gadget form

Then the select that gadget by pressing the '+' button as seen below.

Pic 5. Found the recent comments gadget(widget)

Then configure the settings before saving it as pictured below.

Pic 6. Configuring the recent comments widget

You can change the title. Then select the pixel width according to the side bar width, a safe figure is 180 pixels. The summary length is a summary sentence of the comment, not the whole comment. And the number of comments is the last number of comments that commented. After saving the settings then you can see the recent comments bar , tuck neat in the side bar.

Pic 7. The recent comments widget at your blog's sidebar
And that is all about setting up recent comments and how to monitor them

Hope this can be a use to you. Share this if you find it usefull.Thank you.

Happy Blogging

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