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How to Put Scripts to your Blogger and its Application

When you are making a website, you must be involved in creating HTML pages, making good design with designing tools. This requires you to know HTML and how to put scripts.

A script is a collection of lines that functions as program code that instructs our page to do certain things or access a certain script form a certain site that will show as if it was from our site.

If you’re a blogger that do not know anything about programming which I define as writing code and make scripts such as for HTML,PHP or Java, you are eased by blogging facilities. such as what blogger has. All you have to do is go through the menus like accesing your free email.

And the other good news is that nowadays many sites that provide applications are getting more friendlier by providing scripts for us to ‘paste’ to our blog.

When you blog, setting up scripts like this is the next level after you know how to write an article and upload pictures. Putting up a script from a site to your blog is easy but you must be carefull not to make mistakes because it will result of an error or the ‘thing’ you are expecting to show did not show.

One more important thing is also be careful of not putting up ‘malicious’ scripts meaning scripts that contain directives to a malicious site or contains viruses. Nowadays web browsers and search engine (google) has the capability to prevent us visiting these sites from the warnings.

Examples of scripts that we usually embed to a blog or site are as follow:
  • A script for You Tube
  • A script for putting a Slide Show (pics or presentation)
  • A script for exchanging banners
  • A script for putting up a chatbox
  • And many more

Basically in Blogger you put scripts to :
  • The article part of your blog
  • Other areas such as the sidebar, header, footer of your blog.
When you have learned this, you are expected to know how to apply it for many other application.

I. Putting scripts in your Side bar or Other areas

First go to a site that will provide you with a script like in the this section of the site.This site offers you to put a banner in your blog as an exchange that he put your banner in his site.

Pic 1. A typical site/blog that provides scripts

As you can see these site typically has a text box where the script is places for us to copy paste it.
The next step is go to your Blogger Layout section as seen below.

Pic 2. The Blogger Layout section

Then 'Add a Gadget' then choose the HTML/Java Gadget at your side bar as seen below.

Pic 3. Add a Gadget Form

After you press the '+' button at the 'HTML/Java' Then it will show a box like below. You'll be using this a lot of times when putting scripts to your blogger blog.

Pic 4. The HTML/JavaScript Box

Then go back to that site (that provided the link then copy the script.An then paste it to the HTML/JavaScipt box as shown below.

Pic 5. Copy and Pasting the Script to the HTML Box

Save it until the 'Page element added' confirmation showing for you to view the blog.

Pic 6. At the left side bar the banner 'visit bandung' embeded in the blog

As you can see above, you can see at the side bar the banner is seen made from the script we've setup.

II. Putting in your article section

This is an application of placing scripts on your blogspot articles. In this example we will put a You Tube video on your blog. First go to YouTube and get the script.

Pic 7. A typical You Tube Video. Look right for the script

The script is in the 'embeded' section.Then copy it to your clipboard or note pad. The next step is open your blogger dashboard and start the standard steps of making an article as shown below.

Pic.8. Making an article in Blogger

After you put the title and some sentences then click the 'Edit HTML' tab as shown below.

Pic 9. Since your pasting a script, select the 'Edit HTML' tab.

Then you paste the 'script' you got from You Tube as shown above. Complete the article with the necissary items such as the tag or other pictures that is needed.

Pic 10. Saving your article

After that save it until the above shown picture shows indicating that you have successfully posted your article.Click the 'view post' to check out your post. When you post an article don't forget to 'proof read' it again for gramatical mistakes, since your the editor.

Pic 11. The You Tube embeded article

Then walla.. you have your You Tube video embeded in your article. You can check out an article of mine applying this. And also remember about copyrights and ethics on the web.

Hope this is usefull for you. If you like it please share it with your friends.

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