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Barbie Dolls wearing Traditional Wear ?

Barbie wearing traditional clothes? Since when? That's what you would of thought.

For a women adult or a young adult, of course you remembered the time when you got your first Barbie doll and you were so happy to receive them from your parents.

pic 1. 'Barbie' wearing traditional clothes

Barbie(r) is a registered tradmark doll from a large US toy company Mattel Corporation and it was one of the most successful toy product ever designed for young girls. The real Barbie doll wears casual wear with blond hair and comes with accessories. Sometimes, even grown ups still play with them.

But it turns out that Indonesian handicrafters have made their own doll that looks like Barbie’s, but wearing Indonesian traditional clothes. These dolls are for small girls to play with but one aspect is so they know and appreciate their traditional roots. Like the one aboe wearing the ‘kebaya’ dress with ‘batik’ design with a headscarf.

This doll is one out of many products that were shown in Pekan Kerajinan Jawa Barat (PKJB) 2009 that was held in Graha Manggala Siliwangi Jalan Aceh , Bandung from the 23 to the 27th December 2009.

Many other unique arts were shown from many provinces of Indonesia : batiks, sculptors, paintings, you name it. Visitors form all over West Java and also some foreign visitors also came to this yearly event. (Insert : Pic 2. the hallway)

Like this one below, from Jogjakarta, this carved woodenery is made of a specific light wood. It’s a craft of traditional Java men and women wearing their traditional kingdom (keratuan-keraton) clothes.

Pic 3 . Stand from Jogya showing many wodenary arts.

A friend of mine was also showcasing his ceramics here, he was covered here before in and article about ceramic boys in Bandung. They were with the Bandung City's Dekranas (Dewan Kerajinan Nasional - National Council for Handicrafters Association).

Pic 4. Odd Green Ceramics and unique lamps.

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