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Avoiding Half Baked Articles

As a blogger, especially if your a seriously finding rank, monoteizing, or even just doing for your idealistic purposes. Or when you finally decided whether you want to really pursue and generate income with a totally free blog service.  Finally it comes to the to the time where you must consistently update your blog.

And although you don't have a burden in doing it, there is still that 'laziness' inside. And what happens is you write low quality posts.I often do this too.

When you update your blog your considerations are :
  • is the article according to my niche (segmented topic your blog is talking about)
  • would the article be useful for my readers
  • is it already structured well, easy to read and comply to language standards.
  • is my article interesting enough.

I would like to share one important thing from my learnings from an expert blogger. It is never submit or post a half baked article.

A half baked article is an incomplete article, not deep enough (in-depth), still have grammatical errors, you have a guilty feeling in posting it , because you feel there's something that you forgot to convey or you failed to address your main idea for that article.

Remember that good writers do not actually just write thing but surprisingly 40% of their total writing time is REWRITING. That means self editing. Many do not have the luxury of having editors to help them so we must do the editing by ourselves.

If your in the media business, I bet your editor will disapprove this kind of article. Blogging has far differences. One article in a news paper could take 3 or 4 pages of a required length for a blog article which is only one page.

So my tips to avoid half baked articles are:
  • write your articles in a word processor to check spelling error or other terms that better suited.
  • proof read your article
  • post it, and read it by yourself. Don't 'log out' yet. Correct immediately upon your identifying of errors.
  • you don't have an editor, so you must act as one, doing the two roles at once.
  • have a motivation that you always want to do better for your next article.

I'm also still learning about this. Sometimes a complete article for some, could mean half baked to others.

Happy Blogging

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