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Areal Photograph of Gedung Sate Building in 1925

Indonesia had its independence from the dutch at 1945. At 1925 Bandung was a cold city where can you believe still foggy and breezy. A cup of warm Java(coffee) or bandek(a traditional drink), would be a nice drink at the moment.

Now the city's temperature is hot,poluted , because of climate change and massive industrial development If you read the history of this city it is a bowl that is sorrounded by mountains, so it is very sensitive to land destruction (deforestry,etc) because the supply of water will drastically decrease.

This areal photograph was taken by a KNIL Airforce (Dutch). As you can see the Satai Building (Gedung Sate) which now is the center of the West Java provincial government, is surrounded by clear land. Not much buildings.

And did you know that the roads near the building was one of the first roads to be build in the building, near gedung sate is the Dago Area (Now a business and factory Outlet center) is the residents of the jetsets (meneers) and landlords back then.

Bandung was known as Paris Van Java because of the Architecture and city development that was clean, managed well.It was also the center of Entertainment

To see the current situation in the Satai building see this article.

So the point is : Save Bandung's environment !

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