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2010 Resolution: Start Your Home Online Business?

Starting business at home is something that you should consider, even though you have good enough income from your fix job. It can be a practice of doing business before you retire. You can even make it as your hobby that generates income.

Things why you should start your Home Business / Online Business :
  • You are your own boss. You choose your own time to work or play.
  • Easy for you to control because your at home, you can take your spare time after house chores to do your business.
  • It can be a passive income where you build first then generate stable income even though you are a sleep or away from your computer.
  • If your a good reader and tuned to latest information, you must have many things to write about.If your a traveler you can write about your traveling.
  • You can still network with people not just friends in your country but globally.
Some home online businesses have relatively low business risks because there is no risk of renting property. Only web space or a domain name. Some make money with totally free blogs. Only online internet cost required. The economic law constitutes that ‘high risk, high return’ but online business can actually go like ‘low risk but high return’

Here are some business ideas at home to start 2010 with :

Online Shop

You’re a housewife having kids and want to earn some extra income. You could start selling products online ranging from kids wear, cookies even handicraft. You can start with a free blog to start it out. First study the basics of making a free blog which is very easy these days. Then start taking pictures of your products with your digital camera. Determine the price and the carrying cost.
For tips on selling online you can check this article on Tips on Successful Online Selling.

Blogger (Money-Making)

If you like writing short articles or writing articles isn’t such a burden for you. Being a blogger is good idea. Writing a blog is whole lot different from writing a book or an article for newspaper or an academic paper. You can write while enjoying it. I make it as my practice for writing other stuffs.

All you have to do is think of a niche (a segment of topic) you want to discuss and start writing. My tips is write your article like writing an email to a friend , write first (spill your ideas first), edit later. Don't forget to proof read it, because your the writer plus editor.

First write your articles in a consistent manner. Then start thinking of design and traffic. After a while (say 3 months) then start making money out of it. The choices are Paid Per Click, Paid Per Lead, or Paid to Review programs. And you can join ‘affiliate programs’ such as Amazon Books that you get commissions per Sale.

To learn how to setup Internet Marketing with a free blog you can read this article about blog marketing.

Online Consultant

If your knowledge is specific, you can offer people advice and sell your service per e-mail basis, or paid access to some parts of your web. You can hire a programmer to build your paid site. Setup a Paypal account for payments. It can go with your 'brick and wall' consultant business.

But there are some attitudes for for you to succeed in this business such as:
  • Don’t give up yet. This is it. Most people give up early because at the first stages they are already expecting for the money, where’s the dough? Like other types of businesses it requires effort at the start.
  • Be Customer centered. Think from the point of view of customers. If you were a customer or website visitor what would you demand for ? Tip : people go for information.So give them.
  • Always think of continuous improvement, are there any better ways or are there better ways to improve my business site/blog? Is it easy to navigate ? Is it friendly.Does it have an online status of your IM.
  • Be consistent and have commitments. If you were a candidate customer to buy a product or services, the representative gave you a business card for you to check out their site and it turns out that the site is not updated and no new events. What would your impressions be? Yes. Updating your products and services and replying your email shows your consistency and commitment to serving your customers.
  • Keep on Learning. There are much more you can learn about aspects of your business, from the products, the tools, the marketing theory itself.Be open minded and absorb all these knowledge.The internet is a powerfull tool to learn from.
That's about some ideas for next year.
Have a nice and productive year of 2010.

Happy New Year.

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