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Online Marketing Hot Tips


I won’t start from the basics like what is Online marketing and bla-bla. I assume that you already know what it is or else you can Google it. This hot tip is and an easy to do thing which you can directly apply to your blog or website, and this tip is legitimate and found in top references and according to my actual experience.

It's the case when you say in your mind... Oh.. no wonder why ..... which means you've probably practiced it.

Although the theme of this site is about traveling to Visit Bandung Indonesia, just declared a capital of Indonesia’s creative industry, and using the keyword ‘visit bandung’, but I’ve decided to give you more than you expect .

I get people landing in my blog when they type ‘visit bandung’ much more than direct visits. I also studied and found it true that hits (traffic) to your site is from the right keywords. It contributes more than 75%.

But if you haven’t known; one of the main variables to make your page hit the ranks (Page Rank algorithm) is basically by the many links that are on other sites linking to your site. In other words those links are the measure of the popularity of your site. Now you know what those SEO companies are doing.

Now to the tips, you may have know what PPC (Pay Per Click) is, its one method of how to get money from internet from being a publisher and expecting clicks on the Ads in your site as a publisher. There are many PPC programs in the internet, Google Adsense is one of them.

Now I’ll give you one hot tip to make your ad effective, which means it will be easy for people to click. And which also means high click through rate (CTR) for you. I assume that you are familiar about web layout and design, positioning menus, etc.First you may think : ahh. I'll just put my ads anywhere in my site.Never again, consider the hotspots.

Pic 1. Hotspots in your frontpage

Above is a layout of your site or blog. You see the orange part above is said to be the hottest spots in your web page, the darker area, the more probable clicks. The logical thing to do is put your PPC ad in those hotspots and you’ll see the results. But also consider the nature of clicking links when you navigate a site.

So here are the ultimate PPC positioning tips :
  • Place your ads in the hotspots. Adjust the type of Ad: rectangular , Ad Unit, link Unit, box type or whatever. If you’re in to Adsense, you know what I’m talking about.
  • Put your ads so that people(your customer/surfer) don't have to scroll (that rolling thing you must click to move to the bottom section of your page) first, to read them. Get it ?
  • I think that people tend to ergonomicly read from left to the right, so put your menu or Ads at the right position (sidebar right) of your web (like this blog) because people tend to go click the next menu when they start to dislike what they read.
  • Always follow the rules (read the TOS).
Easy huh ? Yup, as simple as that. Now try it in your website or blog and harness the results.
More ultimate tips will come.

"When success is passing through 10 attempts and you quited on the 9th one, you would have never known that you were so near to success - only a step away".


Come and Visit Bandung Indonesia
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Good post on Online Marketing Hot Tips. I just came across a free video in that tells how to sponsor 20 a month. It contains good information and I hope it hepls everyone.


Thanks for your comment Steve I appreciate it.There will be more to come, And I'll try to put it systematically.

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