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Confirmed Asteroid Hitting Earth in Bone, Sulawesi, Indonesia

As we all know last October 2009 (8th) there was a large explosion which was from an unidentified object above the sea around Bone (pronounced : bow-nay, not bone that a dog usually fetches-red), South Sulawesi (Celebes Island), Indonesia.

Pic1. South Sulawesi Indonesia

People first thought there was a Sukoi Plane falling down from an Indonesian Airforce military training or some sort of. Some others thought it was a passenger plane explosion. The Indonesian Airforce officially denied this.

What the heck is an asteroid :
“Asteroids, sometimes called minor planets or planetoids, are small Solar System bodies in orbit around the Sun, especially in the inner Solar System; they are smaller than planets but larger than meteoroids. The term "asteroid" has historically been applied primarily to minor planets of the inner Solar System, as the outer Solar System was poorly known when it came into common usage. The distinction between asteroids and comets is made on visual appearance: Comets show a perceptible coma while asteroids do not. “ 1

Meterorites are below 10 meter, but it is classified as an asteroid.If the asteroid has a diameter of 25 meters above, then that is a deadly one.

At 1994 there were also an asteroid crashing earth at Kosrae ,Pasific Islands. It was called the "mini Tunguska". The largest ever recorded was the Tunguska, Russia Asteroid in 1908, it diameter was 60 meters. The explosion was equivalent to 10-15 million tons of TNT, enough to sweep one whole large city like New York.

This bone asteroid was estimated that the diameter was 30 feet (10 meters), but it did not necessarily blow up on earth but in the atmosphere. The explosion was estimated 50 thousand tons of TNT , about 3 times Hiroshima.

“My understanding is that this may have been the largest object to strike the Earth since the fireball near the Marshall Islands in the South Pacific on February 1, 1994. Although the Indonesian object was large and the resulting atmospheric explosion may have been the equivalent of several Hiroshima bombs, it is not unexpected for our planet to be hit every decade or so by such an object,” planetary scientist Clark Chapman says.The expert is also a noted specialist in asteroids at the Boulder, Colorado-based Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). 2

Video: An impact from an Large Astroid on earth (Courtesy of Youtube.Com)

The Not too Good News

Historians found that the dinosaurs extinction was caused by an asteroid hitting earth, It wasn't just caused by the deep impact, other areas of the earth where far from impact was affected by the blocking of the sun which reduced oxygen levels.

This explosion, the earthquakes and other signs of natural disasters are telling us that we must always prepare for the worst, should there be any. Increase our faith because these signs, are telling us that there is a great force bigger than everything that we rely on, God the Almighty.

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2. Source accessed 2 Nov 09)

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