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8 Tips on Successful Selling Online

Selling Online is an integral part of Internet Marketing. To prove you have successfully internet marketed, you must sell online. This Visit Bandung site have not sold things yet, but it gives reference for products.

You sell things online whether renting space(hosting), or even free blogs (blogger/multiply), but you still haven’t sold anything yet, or although sold, still below your targeted expectations.

What’s wrong with my site?

Try to follow these Ultimate tips :

  • DON’T HIDE under your identity, Times and times again many people don’t want to reveal themselves online, but they want their stuffs to be sold. The failure of sales is not because of the LACK OF TRAFFIC people, but THE LACK OF TRUST.

  • ANSWER YOUR EMAILS or comments asking about your products and service NOT MORE THAN 24 HOURS, yes unfortunately that’s the S customer service on the internet. You can hold back a while with AUTO RESPONDERS, but people will know. GET PERSONAL. My suggestion: get a POP Mail account set it to your gadget or hand phone, These days GPRS is a basic feature. A push email feature can help you always get updated.

  • Utilize the LATEST TOOLS. Nowadays you can use many tools to make your site alive, like online status, asking form and order form. You can put this SHORT BUT VALUABLE SCRIPT below in your side bar to indicate your online status.
Code 1. YM Online Status

Note : Change YourID with with your YM ID and you can change Customer Service to "Your Name" or I'm Online with the proper title changing "Online Support" above.
  • Create a testimonial page. Ask your customer to write a testimonial about your products or services. Because remember this thing about the internet that I learn from a pro : ITS NOT WHAT YOU SAY ABOUT YOU that matters in the Net but is WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT YOU.

  • Put your link in DIRECTORIES that is spreaded all over the net. Submit to Search Engines and exchange them in COMMUNITIES I.e Bloggers community like Blog Catalog, Indonesian Bloggers,etc. And you kindly ask for Link Exchange with other blog/site owners and bloggers. You can start with link exchanging with me. Here’s how
Note : The renown Google Algorithm of PageRank’s significant variable is how many sites are linking to your site. Another variable is keyword strength, niche relevancy.

  • From A business Operations Point of View, you must consider how to make your stock to the least or ZERO STOCK POLICY, this means the cost for inventories is moved to your suppliers. In other words : Someone orders, you get the cash, you buy from your supplier ,deliver it. It’s difficult but at least your strategy is aiming for it.

  • The last important thing is to MAINTAIN YOUR CUSTOMERS, you can do it by sending emails (Opt In Email,No Spam Please) PERSONALLY at their special dates informing about your latest products or services. You will realize that your MOST PRECIOUS LIST is your customer list. Why should we do this ? The keyword is REPEAT ORDER.

So after you practice those tips above, just stay back and watch your business FREE WHEELING away, yes , it will synergize and have a snowball effect on your increase of sales.

Hope it is useful for your Online Business.

Visit Bandung Indonesia
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