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An Identified Flying Object above Pasopati Bridge (Video)

Pasopati Bridge has become a bridge that is becoming an icon of Bandung. Bandung icons are such as The Satai Building (Gedung Sate) and the Art Deco Styled Buildings (Architectural Heritage of Bandung).

Pic 1. Pasopati Bridge From A Distance

So what’s the big deal of such a bridge ? Its one of the only few Cable Stayed Bridges that stands in Indonesia, there’s one in Batam – Tonton Bridges, Batam Island ( Built at 1998), Grand Wisata Overpass, Bekasi (Built 2007, If you ever passed the cikampek Toll, you’ll notice this one), and the recently built the Suramadu Bridges that connects Madura and the Java Island.

A Cable stayed Bridge is a continuous girder with one or more towers erected above piers in the middle of the span. From these towers, cables stretch down diagonally (usually to both sides) and support the girder.(

The Pasopati Bridge was built at 2005 with the 2800m length with 30-60 meters in width. It connects Dr Junjunan (Pasteur) to Surapati Street. One of the reasons it was built that way was because it was a part of a solution for minimum efforts to free property at the bottom of it. It was also chosen because of the esthetics of the construction. It also passed across the Cikapundung River.

To see a good long distance view of the building is from a parking lot of the CiWalk Mall in Cihampelas. I was lucky to record an identified flying object above it. Yes it was clearly Identified as an airplane heading for the Hussein Sastranegara Airport. Other views that was also seen was the poor unmanaged homes near the bridge. This is homework for the municipal authorities.

Video 1. An IFO above Pasopati Bridge.Courtesy of

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