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The Competition of Operators

When your in the festive season of Idul Fitri you'll notice at your way to your destination you will find many advertisement.

Yes the spending on ads is very high at Lebaran seasons. Discounts are every where. Each products try to win the hearts of the consumers. Trying to increase the 'mindshare' of their products, from a marketers point of view.

Programs such as 'Mudik Bareng' or Go Back to Village together is becoming a trend nowadays. A large jamu (java herbal medicine) producer has made this event a yearly event.

Motorcylce and car producers build up tents at the roadside to give free service. For the people whose Mudik-ing this is very convenient. They don't have to find the nearest workshop if their car is in trouble.

Pic 1. The Competion of GSM Operators

We can also notice that ads doesn't always have to stay in billboards. But a small building at roadside is just a perfect place to place the ad. Just like what this operator had done. Not far from it is their competitor whom installs a flag banner. This was caught on camera at the Sumedang Mudik Path (Known as 'Jalur Mudik Sumedang').
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