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Bali Pendet Dance Controversy

Pendet Dance which is a Bali sacred Dance recently was shown in a commercial of Visit Malaysia 2009 at Discovery Channel. This had made outrage for Bali people, the government and the Indonesian Citizens at whole.

Pic 1. The Indonesian Tourism Minister

Before this incident other Indonesian culture of Reog Ponorogo and ‘Rasa Sayange’ was also claimed by Malaysians from a same form of commercial Ad.The first one was already settled by the Minister of Tourisme with his counterpart. That time Malaysian officials claimed that Indonesians working and living in Malaysia has also contributed to the diversity of Malaysian Culture and this Ad was made by the private sector without coordination with the official government .

This time, this can reach its climax because some factors. First Bali is like the heart of Indonesian Tourism. This ‘Pendet Dance’ is a ritual and sacred dance found by the ancestors as form of Bali Hinduism culture. It later was redesign (re choreographed) and become a welcome dance for tourist coming to Bali. The minister himself is a Bali ethnic, which is also tied to the Bali traditions, and surely will be ‘questioned’ by his own people. But from his latest interview, as a responsible official he will promptly settle this situation first with the obvious actions diplomaticaly to clarify this situation then report to the President.

The thing is that this Ad was very effective in making Indonesians and its government to be outraged, mad, and trigger the media. Maybe this is the aim, to get the publication.
We need a cold head, clear mind and a in a responsible way to finish this conflict and not let this become a barrier to the good relationship we already have as neighboring countries in this region.
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