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How to Prevent the Swine Flu Virus

These weeks has become a very busy time for the World Health Organization. Since this swine flu (H1N1) was first detected and now is spreading, it has drawn attention to governments in all nations to take preventive and preemptive actions. Some of these actions like slaughtering pigs, banning imports by governments which have economic/social impacts aren’t necessarily agreed by scientist and health specialist.

A news alert At Friday April 31st 2009:

WHO also reported the number of confirmed swine flu cases rose to 257 worldwide Thursday, with cases in Mexico rising to 97 from 26, with seven deaths. The WHO confirmed tally from the United States now stands at 109, with one death.

Other confirmed cases include 34 in Canada, 13 in Spain, eight in Britain, three each in Germany and New Zealand, two in Israel and one each in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

A development on May 5th 2009

A total of 1,276 swine flu cases have been confirmed worldwide, according to health and government officials.

Mexico had 727 cases of swine flu and 26 deaths from the virus, Health Secretary Jose Angel Cordova said Monday. There has been one other death worldwide — a Mexican toddler who died in Texas.

On Wednesday that week, WHO has raised the pandemic level to 5, which means very critical and very close to level 6 which means a pandemic will hit an entire region in this world. This also means that a ‘global outbreak’ is imminent.

So governments and nations, with their health ministers are working hard to stop the spread. What can we do to stop the virus? These critical tips are widely agreed upon by the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other health experts.

Here are the steps HOW TO STOP THE SWINE FLU.

Wash your hands.

Yes, washing your hands can reduce the risk from getting infected. Washing your hands before eating is a must. When someone sneezed the microbes drop with the moist and droplet from the sick person’s cough or sneeze, fly to your hands.

Washing your hands also means that you completely clean it including : rubbing back and front , the wrists, between your fingers , even under your nail.

Cover your mouth when sneezing and coughing

If this becomes a habit to us then that is good. If it isn’t then you must realize that by not covering your mouth when you cough or sneeze, you are in your consciousness spreading the decease.

Stay at home

If you are infected by a flu it is better you stay at home, because this could ease your recovery and could protect others. Remember that when you are infected all things that you touch are infectious.

Don’t touch your face

This goes with your hands being clean. The thing is that in our face there’s the mouth, nose, eyes which are membranes that can pass the virus straight to our circular blood system without the protection of the skin. It is critical that we protect these sensitive areas. Keep your hands clean and keep it away from your face.

Avoid sick people

This is obvious because everything surrounding that sick person and are potential carriers of diseases. A virus will settle of small things like handrails, coins and can even pass a porous material.

The next best ways to reduce risks are asking for advice from the professionals in health care. And always stay alert for the development of this pandemic.


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