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The Bank of Indonesia Building Bandung, Now and Then.

Near Braga Street around the city government center of Bandung, there lays the Bank of Indonesia building which is built at 1917 by EHG Cuypers, this building has that European style (roman architecture). It was the Javasche Bank back then.

This building is preserved well since its ownership belongs to Bank Indonesia. If you visit bandung, do not forget to check out this building. For Bandung people its just a passing by and nothing unusual, but for tourist, this structure has rich ornaments and brings the old historical days back alive.

Pic 1. The original building of Javasche Bank back then.

Below is a short video clip of the building. Compare it to the original condition at the colonial times. Back then the area was clean. No traffic, no Toyotas , or chevys yet.

Pic 2. The current Bank of Indonesia Building, preserved well.

Vid 1. A short clip showing the current situation

So when you get a chance to visit bandung, don't forget to get a close look at this historical building.
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