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Yes, good old Spidy ,Toby, life saver, "with great power there's great responsibility..." stuffs like that, kids superhero was seen hanging around in Bandung Indonesia. Quite a trip from the US. Is he here to catch Dr Octopus or the Green Goblin?

No no.It is only a statue in front of a shop in Bandung.At Cihampelas road.

Yes Cihampelas, this place probably you’ve heard of it. Its just a famous street name in Bandung. Or probably not, but this is the place where you can call it the center of Bandung jeans. Yes this denim material wear is very famous. And it is here few decades ago became the center of it. Before malls, factory outlets are established people from all over Indonesia even the world come to visit Bandung and shop their Jeans here.

Bandung’s competitive strength ness is in textile and fashion, and you can get them here in Cihampelas. The industries that are making them are cluster industries.

Cihampelas is also known for its colorful and attractiveness of the characters that are a statue outside of the shops. You can see characters like Spiderman, Rambo, Batman, etc. Surrounding the area are places to eat and places to buy bandung souvenirs and goodies (renown as ‘oleh-oleh bandung’). There’s Sari Raos, Ampera, and even McDonalds if you’re in to familiar appetites.

So the next time you Visit Bandung, don’t forget to ask your tour guide or cab driver to pass here. At least if you want to see a large Spiderman hanging around bandung, Here is the place.At least your kids would be happy.

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