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The Famous Braga Street

On of the most famous streets in Bandung is the Braga Street. Where is it ? It is somewhere near printis kemerdekaan, close to Bank Indonesia Bandung,Asia Africa Street near landmark building of bandung.

Pic. Braga still close to as it original looks in the 20s

Why is this road so famous ? you could check it out at Wikipedia or search for it.

Bandung was a city of entertainment back then at the Dutch Indies times. There were theaters, bars and exclusive street cafes and exclusive clubs that you would find in Europe those days, but brought to South East Asia.

That’s why bandung was called Paris at Java (Paris Van Java) , Braga Street has much contribution for this too.At those times, it feels like we are in Paris.

Nowadays in Braga you can find a hidden Mall (Braga City Walk) where you can find modern facilities. But the Braga street is left close to the original form. When tourist come to Bandung, they usually take a snapshot there. While pre wedding couples take pictures for their pre-wedding photos.

As a heritage of Bandung, the local government must take attention to Braga Street and all other historical Buildings. Or else Bandung will just dissolve to some other commercial city with nothing so special.

Don't you agree ?


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