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Crash Course in Bahasa Indonesia.

We want to travel to Indonesia , to cities such as Jakarta, Bandung or tourist centers such as the Island Of Bali. But we have difficulty in learning the language. So what do ? Since the purpose of communication is to communicate so most likely we will use two types of language. They are: body language and Tarzan language, which means we talk with wrong structures. We still can send the message, but its difficult.

So lets get to the point and learn some simple Indonesian language for successfully traveling to Indonesia. Some call Indonesian language as the BAHASA. It is slightly different from Bahasa Melayu or Malayan Language.

These phrases are the most likely used in every day traveling speech.

English - Indonesian

Hello - Hallo

How are you ? - Apa kabar ?

My Name is … Fred - Nama saya …Fred

What is your name ? - Siapa Nama Anda ?

Where do you come from ? - Anda berasal dari mana ya ?

I’m from Japan. - Saya berasal dari Jepang.

I live in … Fifth Ave New York - Saya tinggal di … Jalan. Lima , kota New York

I’m Japanese . - Saya orang Jepang. (Amerika : US, Eropah : Europe, Korea : Korea, afrika : africa)

Thank you. - Terima kasih.

What is this ? - Ini apa ?

What time is it ? - Jam berapa ya ?

What date is it ? - Tanggal berapa ya ?

How do I get to the X ? - Kalo mau ke X, bagaimana ya ?

Where can I find a ….taxi ? - Dimana saya bisa mencari …taxi ?. (hotel : hotel, shopping center : pusat belanja, atm : atm)

Is there any room available ? - Apa ada kamar kosong ?

How much does this cost? - Ini harganya berapa ya ? (Same for Itu : that)

Can this be cheaper? - Bisa lebih murah tidak ya ?

Where can I find entertainment ? - Dimana cari hiburan ya ?

So expensive … ! - Mahal sekali !

Do you accept Credit Cards ? - Bisa terima kartu kredit ? (debit card : kartu debit)

Please, don’t disturb me ! - Tolong jangan ganggu saya , ya !

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 - satu,dua,tiga,empat,lima,enam,tujuh,delapan,

Sembilan, sepuluh.

Rp 5.000,- Lima ribu rupiah

Rp 10.000,- Sepuluh ribu rupiah

Rp 20.000,- dua puluh ribu rupiah

Rp 50.000,- lima puluh ribu rupiah

Rp 100.000,- seratus ribu rupiah

Good bye Selamat tinggal .. or Selamat Jalan.

Good luck.. ! Semoga Beruntung ?


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