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Gedung Sate as a Potential Tourist Site.

(Visit-Bandung.Com)When visiting Bandung.You will notice a building that looks quite like a colonial spanish building with a 'sate' or satai (a traditional food made of pieces of meat that is stabbed on a thin stick and roasted) on its roof top.

This famous building is known as the 'Satai Building' or 'Gedung Sate'.It is located in Jalan Diponegoro,right in front of the Gasibu Field. From the Pasteur Tol Entrance, go straight through the Pasopati Bridge Road ,after passing the bridge look right and then you will see this building.

This building was built on a 27.9 acre complex by the dutch colonial and was meant for the colonial central government.The original nama was Gouvernements Bedrijven.The six round structure like the satai symbols the cost of six million gulden to build this building.Quite a sum of money in those days.It is also known for its structural strenght which differs from current building materials.

In 1980 the provincial government of West Java made this building as their central headquarters and by then all West Java government activities was held here. The structure of the building is still preserved. There is an old staircase that is 90 years old and is still in good shape.

Many local and foreign tourist visit this building and take a picture with this building as a background. Unfortunately the provincial government has not optimized this building as a history tourism site.No professional guide is available.Only securities with limited English skills act as tourist guides.


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