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Street Artists of Bandung

When you take a stroll to the city of Bandung, you’ll find many extraordinary cultures and ways of life that is different from one’s back home.

Like this one in streets near the famous Gedung Sate (Sate Building) and the Gasibu field. At Sunday the area surrounding the Gedung Sate is a center for people to gather to jog or take a walk around. From the morning street merchants are already preparing their goods to sell.

We could find many interesting items. They say if citizens of Bandung shop in this ‘pasar kaget’ or shock market what they call it to describe the impermanent status. Many say that Bandung people go to this market to find good quality products in a relatively cheap price.

Some just go here regularly just to walk and go for the food. Yes. All kinds of culinary could be found here. Some go for the sate (many choices) and some for other unique food.

But because of the crowd of people you must also be cautious also for pick pockets. At the peak of the crowd we can hardly walk through the markets. Sometimes people complain this market because they can’t pass through.

An unusual thing is that we can also see large GSM or motor vehicle companies offering their services complete with their salesmen in their uniform.

Street musicians are often found in this market. They are in the form of one person or in groups. They use instruments such as guitars. Because of tough economic conditions, they play for a couple of rupiahs.

Once a while, when I was in that area, I encountered a group of street musicians in one complete traditional group, using a complete set of instruments. It was a pleasant entertainment. They call this group as a calung group.

Street Artists of Bandung in action.

Their instruments are variety consists of angklung ,calung, gendang and others made more from bamboo or others. In a harmony they can play even pop songs. As a form of appreciation of effort and culture, after they played a session, people watching give them a more substantial amount of money.

As the day goes by the crowd starts to disappear and they look forward for the next Sunday to go back and see some unusual things that are new.


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