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History of Bandung

There are many versions of Bandung History if we read from books and library, or even search it in the internet. Visit-Bandung.Com will try to give a glimps of the history of Bandung.

A version of Bandung history is that the word Bandung, origins from the the word ‘Bandeng’ that in sundanese means ‘beside’ or ‘side by side’ or ‘in a couple’.

Another versions explains that Bandung comes from the word ‘bandeng’ which has another meaning. It was said that it meant ‘a calm , dark, and creepy large pond or lake’. This is because once upon a time the area of bandung was a lake renown as ‘lake Bandung’.

A more logically explained story was that Bandung was originated from the word ‘bendung’ which means ‘dam’ or ‘barrier’. This was because once upon a time around the Holocene age (about 6000 years ago), there was a prehistoric river named the Cikapundung which expands from the Padalarang to the Cicalengka area.

There was also the great mountain of Tangkuban Perahu which now is still active and became a tourist site.It was a fact that the Tangkuban Perahu erupted and the lava of the volcano flowed and dammed the prehistoric Cikapundung River. It created a large lake known by historians as the Prehistoric Lake of Bandung.

At the age of Neolithic , it was believed that the Bandung Lake was already dried up (which took centuries) and created a large part of land which later became the Bandung Regency (Kabupaten Bandung).

The Bandung regency was established around the mod of 17th Century.The first Bupati (regent) of Bandung was Wiraangunangun which took power until 1681. The capitol of the regency was first at a place called Krapyak (now Dayeuhkolot)

It was at time of the 6th regent ( R.A.Wiranatakusumah II), was when the capitol was moved to known area called Alun-alun(city Square).There the regent ordered to build the Pendopo (people’s place to meet their leader), the mosque (now Mesjid Raya) and the city square itself.

The colonial Dutch Ruled

Near the turn of the century the dutch ruled Indonesia which then known as the Dutch East Indies. At 1809 the ruling dutch which was ruled by Louis Napoleon, made an order to the governor of Dutch East Indies that time, H.W. Daendels.

The order was to build a road connecting form the east coast to the west coast of Java. This was to ease transportation for plantation goods. Because the north part of Java (Now known as the Pantura/Pantai Utara Jawa) back then was a swamp and marsh land, the road was diverted to the Bandung Regency area.

One portion of the great road that crosses Java(great Postweg), crossed the center of Bandung and was built in 1810. Now it is the known as Jalan Asia Afrika (Where the Gedung Merdeka stands).

Once upon that time Daendels had an idea that crosses to his mind when he standing besides the Cikapundung River. His idea was that when someday he returns, there must be a city built here.

Until now there are two believes of whom has the most important role of building that the City of Bandung . Was it H.W Daendels of the Regent R.A.Wiranatakusumah II.

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