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Bandung Culinary Tourism

If you are in to eating out with your family and friends , adore in hunting new kind of taste that hits the tongue, then Bandung is the place to be. You’ll find variety of foods of many cultures (western java, European, Chinese, American) that will fill your delights.

But plain traditional west Java dishes are what tourist are looking for. If you have never been to Bandung and planning to go to Bandung then be prepared.

Pic 1. Colenak

Recently, culinary tourism is one of the leading fields in Bandung tourism, other than factory outlets (shop tourism), and agro- tourism. We can say that food is universal language for people to interact. It's one of the main reasons going to Bandung.

Major reasons coming to Bandung :

  1. To Shop
  2. To Eat
  3. To have good time in a rather breezy environment

When you bump in to a traditional restaurant and have a meal, like they say you will not only get a chance to taste the bizarre cuisine, but you will also experience the hospitality of the people and also experience just by watching the food being made and served.

For you that have been to Indonesia , you will know that there are a variety of foods and traditional foods that they sell in carts at the road side. But if you haven’t been to Indonesia you’ll be amazed and get a ‘cultural shock’ after you eat them.

For example : Mi Ayam Bakso , In a glance you thought is was spaghetti and meatballs (an Italian food). Bakso is the round mixture of meat and other food ingredient. Bandung is renown for its Batagor. What the hell is that ?

Pic 2. Batagor

It short for Bakso Tahu Goreng. Bakso the processed meat, Tahu : tofu and Goreng means fried. It’s a mixture of these ingredient covered with a peanut based topping (like salad topping with an unusual different taste). I think tasting it explains a million words.

It may sound strange to you when you hear : Cilok (Acian dicolok), Cireng (Acian di goreng/fried mixture), comro (oncom di jero/processed soybean inside), misro (amis dijero/sweet inside), Baso Ceker (Bakso with boiled chicken feet),pisang hijo (green banana), Bownees Kukus (Cooked brownies/like fudge). But these are examples of the bizarre foods of Bandung. You should also check out Gado-gado (mixed vegitables with peanut sauace, healty).

Oya for people from Japan ,Korean and other Asian countries, you would not have a hard time finding your menu. It’s already in the form of small carts at the side of the road (for Chinese and Japanese food). For Korean, Vietnamese and Thai food it is still in form of restaurants. But in food courts in malls and shopping centers you would not find any problems finding them.

For European food , its already a standard in hotels. Some people call them hotel food. But we can also easily find them around the city, thanks to globalizaition. The difference is the ingredients used. Usually this is because it’s not available in large quantities in the markets.

Same thing goes for Indonesian living in the US or other counties. They will cook it with the ingredients available in that country. So the taste will also be slightly different.Some cuisines or foods are same form and almost same ingredients but with a totally different name.

So when you're in Bandung, go find places to eat. It's everywhere, some spicy some sweet, some you might know or have taste already and has a shocking different name from your country.Even foods has aliases he..he..

Cheers Enjoy


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